What is a UTV Stator?

A UTV stator is an electrical component installed in the motor of your UTV that produces the electrical power for your vehicle's charging and ignition systems.  Most UTV's use DC ignition systems, a configuration where the ignition system is completely powered from the battery. This allows the entire stator's output to be used for battery charging. 

Stator : A critical component

The UTV stator is a critical component of the UTV electrical system, as your battery cannot stay charged without it, which is required for your lights, gauges, and reliable starting.  It's critical to use a high quality UTV stator in your vehicle to make sure your UTV keeps the battery reliably charged, and starts every time, even in difficult off-road conditions.  High quality UTV stators for most popular models are produced by RMSTATOR with a 1 Year Warranty and a plug & play installation with OEM style grommets and connectors.