What to look for in a UTV stator?

A UTV is often used in extreme environments, from off-road trail riding, to hunting, camping and utility, this type of vehicle is built to be under pressure.  However, many UTVs come from the factory with underpowered and unreliable charging systems. Most UTV owners will have replaced a stator within the first 5 years of ownership, which requires the right tools and mechanical skill.  Since a UTV is used in such demanding situations, an extremely high quality UTV stator is critical to reliability and peace of mind for the owner. 

What are the critical components to look for in a UTV stator?

When buying a new UTV stator, make sure to look for high quality & high temperature insulated wire for the stator windings, and precision manufactured UTV stator cores to be a perfect fit in your engine.  OEM style and quality rubber grommets and connectors are important for trouble-free installation and stator lifespan, as they are directly responsible for keeping engine oil clean and leak-free, and protecting your wiring harness from corrosion and damage from moisture and contaminants.  RMSTATOR produces UTV stators with all of these requirements in mind, along with a 1 year warranty and technical support, making your choice of aftermarket stator a simple one!